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Still In The Storm | Digital Download | eBook

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Still In The Storm | Digital Download | eBook

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Still in the Storm was written with heartfelt authenticity to bring biblical insight to life's disappointments and how to face them with fresh faith. Still in the Storm will build your faith, and restore your hope through new covenant biblical truths. Have you ever felt stuck in the quicksand of despair? Ever felt disappointment in life through failed relationships, financial ruin, or even the death of a loved one that didn't make sense? Still in the Storm reminds us that Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us, even when it seems like we are being drenched by the storm on every side. Jamey honestly and openly pours his heart onto the pages of this very real and authentic book, sharing the personal story of his eight year old son’s battle with brain cancer. Through the lens of tragedy, we discover biblical truths that give us the strength to hold on to and build our faith.

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